Continental Satellite Channel (CSC) Smart IPTV was founded in Helsingborg, Sweden in 2011. CSC has established itself as a strong provider, offering superior services and technologies that make the experience of watching TV seamless and fun with many free add-on features that integrate into your Television set.   CSC has grown from a small content provider to a leading provider of Arabic content, with several years of experience and a large customer base.

Our main goal was to offer customers anywhere in the world TV channels without using dishes or cables. Investing in the most advanced European IPTV technology enabled us to provide our viewers, by using their home internet connection, with the best and highest picture quality with very unique features. The positive response and feedback we received from our customers encouraged us to work harder in order to maintain the best services in the market.

CSC SMART IPTV offers the most popular Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish and European channels. Our entire system was purchased by a Swedish company and developed by engineers from Sweden, USA and UK.

Phone: + 46 42 37 55 35

Address: Gustavadolfstorg 8, 252 25, Helsingborg, Sweden